Workplace survival: tips and tricks

PRACTICAL STAGE – FRIDAY 11:45 am – 12:15 pm
Lean in, lean out, shake-it all about. Wherever you sit in the debate, some people just love the corporate world, and want to stay and want to make it work. This panel discusses how to be a leader in an established company with engrained processes. How do you navigate politics and personalities, create change while respecting well-tested practices, and find your own version of work life balance among colleagues who define it very differently?


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Paul Grover

Consulting - Associate Director, Arup
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Donna Smith

Senior Business Partner, Grant Thornton
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Katelyn Nagle

Town Planner, Arup
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Ellie England – HOST

Sales Director, Microsoft


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Learn from experienced panellists about handling day to day career difficulties such as handling personalities, work life balance and more