Workplace of the future

VISION STAGE – FRIDAY 3:00 pm – 3:45 pm
What do we want to workplace of the future to look like? Do our advances in technology and productivity mean we deserve a 4-day week? Is the gig economy here to stay? Should we measure employees on time out outputs? Should society be designed around work or around family? Are open plan offices the best or worst thing ever invented? How do we accommodate a workforce with diverse preferences under one roof? We discuss what work environments will allow us and our society to thrive in the future.


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Jayne Duerden

Head of National Government Sales, Vodafone
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Laura McGowan

Group Head of People, Mediacom North
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Sally Bucknell

Director of Diversity & Inclusiveness, EY
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Ben Davies

Marketing Manager, Media Chain
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Andy Crompton

Head of Workplace Consultancy at OBI Property
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Adam Gillett

Partnerships Manager Europe



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What do we want the workplace to look like, how do we work best? Gig economy, outputs VS FaceTime, flexible working, open plan VS offices.