Art of networking

PRACTICAL STAGE – FRIDAY 4:30 pm – 5:00 pm
How strong is your network? In this panel we hear tips and tricks on how to boost your confidence in networking situations, how to maintain and make the most of your network once you have it, how to best use online networking to help you, and even when to take a break from your networks. Relationships are a key part of making things happen, so if you lack confidence in this key skill then join us for this session.


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Jazz Hanley

Senior Partnerships Manager, Tech Nation
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Zandra Moore

CEO & Co-founder, Panintelligence
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Heather Gray – HOST

Business Development, Bruntwood
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Jayne Croft

Corporate Soliciter, Brabners


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Social media Vs physical networking – how to build the best network online and in person, what tips & tricks can the panel share to help get you ahead.