Rachel Beattie: What Northern Power Futures means to me…

The women’s right to vote, the worldwide cooperative movement, the trade union general meeting, the splitting of the atom, the first computer with a stored programme and memory- these are just a small selection of the many firsts that have happened right here in Manchester, right here in the North that went on to change the world.

From the very first Northern Power Futures brainstorming ‘download’ session, where a group of us came together to discuss what we thought, wanted and needed the North to look like in the future, you could tell the festival was going to be something very special. As it was not only going to be discussions, which are very important in themselves, but it was about putting these discussions into actions with the change-makers of the future who are actually the change-makers now and creating and then working towards a shared common goal to change the North and consequently change the world.

For me it is a celebration of every single person in the North, the brilliant talent and innovation that is taking place here. It is a festival with a strong core of diversity and inclusion, where absolutely everyone is welcome especially if you have not been to this type of event before, as we are all change-makers and more impactful together. I am extremely excited to learn so much from others and from voices which have not been heard before, and for that I am so grateful to Northern Power Futures and to the incredible Simone Roche and Northern Power Women team for creating this phenomenal festival, which is a first in itself, but will be the catalyst for many more firsts, change and innovations here in the North.

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