Pimp Up Your LinkedIn Profile with Vodafone

If you’ve struggled with perfecting your LinkedIn profile or don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place!

Vodafone ran Pimp Up Your LinkedIn Profile workshops at Northern Power Futures in Newcastle, helping people create an effective profile from start to finish.

We chatted with Vodafone’s Future Talent Consultant Holly to find out some tips to make your profile stand out.

Perfect Profile Picture

“You are fourteen times more likely to be found on LinkedIn if you have a profile picture. Make sure that profile picture is professional. It should be a headshot, it should look like you – that may sound silly but it should be a recent photo. If you’ve changed your hairstyle and you no longer look like you did five years ago, make sure it is recent. Make sure it’s on a plain background and not a snapshot of you out with friends – because that profile picture will draw potential employers in!”

Consistency is key

“Make sure that your profile is consistent throughout. So if you’re going to use bullet points as part of your work experience section, that’s fine, just make sure it’s used in every role and appealing to the eye.”

Jazz up your job title

“A lot of people’s titles on LinkedIn are just their job title and the company where they work. That’s fine but you can make that short and snappy. My job role is Future Talent Consultant but if I was to have something like “inspiring the future generation of tomorrow” that’s a bit more interesting.”

Share, Share, Share!

“When you are sharing information, make it visual. As people, we are naturally drawn to images, colour and video. If you can take a picture of where you are, what you’re up to or the business that you’re visiting that day, with a short and sweet post, that picture will draw in a lot more response than just the text on its own.”

Introduce Yourself

“When you connect with somebody, add a note with the connection request. That person will receive your request and message, introducing yourself and why you’d like to connect. What benefit you get out of this connection, and what benefit they will get from connecting with you. They are more likely to accept the request if you’ve introduced yourself!”

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Northern Power Futures photographs taken by Thomas Jackson at TyneSight Photography

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