Nebula Labs at Northern Power Futures

Co-founded by Dylan McKee and Nic Flynn after leaving university, Nebula Labs is a team of experienced and innovative software engineering company based in Newcastle. Nic and Dylan where at Northern Power Futures to pass on their advice to people interested in starting their own tech company and to spread the word about what Nebula Labs have to offer the North.

Dylan and Nic at Northern Power Futures Newcastle.

Hi! Do want to introduce yourselves and your organisation for our NPF Readers?

Nic – I’m Nic.

Dylan – I’m Dylan, and we’re from Nebula Labs.

Can you tell us what do Nebula Labs do?

Nic – So Nebula Labs is a software house and we specialise in mobile app development. Android and IOS apps, as well as APIs (a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service) and web backing to support those apps.

Dylan – A deeply techy kind of company. There’s a team of five of us based in Newcastle and we’ve grown the business from myself and Nick after leaving university, in eighteen months to this size. We’re now working with a real range of clients. We’re working with some start-ups who are their products developed and an range of existing larger companies who want to bring their business forward through technology and more into the digital age.

One word to describe Northern Power Futures?

Nic – Inspiring

Dylan – Interesting

What do Nebula Labs want to gain from NPF?

Dylan – Networking, meeting people who are just starting out and want some advice, or want to hear how we’ve done it and have any questions. Also networking with people who’ve already got businesses.

When you both where starting out with Nebula Labs, did you attend events like these?

Nic – I actually didn’t attend any events in university, it was only once we conceptualised the business and started thinking how we’re going to bring things forward, they i started attending similar types of events.

Dylan – I used to attend quite a lot of tech events and still do.

How is Northern Power Futures different to those events?

Dylan – It’s a lot more diverse. There’s a lot more different people from different backgrounds doing different things which is quite nice. There’s a lot of business types that we wouldn’t usually get to talk to, so its a real change-up in that respect. We’re quite focused on the tech industry so it’s nice to get out of that bubble and see people doing different things.

Any advice to encourage people to start their own apps or start-ups?

Nic – We’re looking to share our experiences with that are looking to start their own business. It’s something that can seem quite daunting but with the right help, the right advice and the right motivation, you can accomplish what you want.

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Northern Power Futures photographs taken by Thomas Jackson at TyneSight Photography

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