#NPFutures hosted two-day festivals in Manchester (2018) and Newcastle (2019), attended by over 2,500 attendees from 14 to 60+ with 200 speakers, practical panels, interactive sessions and workshops including community, culture, lifestyle and well-being, all designed to develop you and your work life.

The festival feedback has inspired us to curate #NPFutures Pop up events, webinars and insights to support  you, whether you are looking to grow your network, start a business or enhance your career prospects. The series of events will enable you to see the opportunities in the North.

We’re looking to work with organisations to develop and fund another Northern Power Futures Festival to repeat the success we achieved in Manchester and Newcastle.


Northern Power Futures Festival is looking for new sponsors!

We’d love to hear from you if you would like to support the future of your work and life in the North.


Northern Power Futures Festival took place in Manchester in November 2018 and in Newcastle February 2019. 

We seen 1700+ people join us in two regions. 

Check out the programmes from both events to get a taste for what took place.