Victoria Alcock at Northern Power Futures

Vicky Alcock is Assistant Director for Student Recruitment at EY. We caught up with Vicky at Northern Power Futures in Newcastle to find out how students and young people can find work experience and employment opportunities with EY and the EY Foundation.

Could you please introduce yourself and what organisation you’re from?

My name is Vicky Alcock, and I’m from EY. I work in the student recruitment team at EY and I’m here today with some of our team from the EY Foundation and also with some of our team that work on diversity and inclusiveness. So theres a few of us here today at Northern Power Futures.

Can you tell us about more about the EY Foundation?

The EY Foundation is a sort of a separate entity to EY and what it aims to do is help young people at the start of their careers who maybe from local socio-economic backgrounds, or don’t have the same opportunities as other people. Theres a number of different programmes they run to really up-skill them, give them work experience and give them those opportunities that people from wealthier opportunities already have. So EY has the EY Foundation but EY it’s self run a number of work experience programmes as well for people in year 12. Also for females who are looking to get into professional services as well, theres a range of work experience that EY offers for lots of different groups of young people.

What do EY hope to gain from Northern Power Futures?

I think it’s a mixture of things really. We’re hoping to and it would be great to recruit some young people to any of our programmes, that would be fabulous. We’re also hoping to get the brand out there, what we’re about, what opportunities EY has, because why not it might not be an opportunity for them now, they might think of our apprenticeship in a few years; or come to our graduate programme in a few years time, or they might tell their friends about it. Also to let people know that EY is a brand that really values people from all walks of life and thats why we’re here to talk with people, to help people and let them know what we’re all about really.

Is there anything Northern Power Futures should be doing differently?

Thats a good question. Maybe looking at the segmenting out the different age groups we have, so it would good to see people who are looking for apprenticeships, or people in university who aren’t too sure, or just graduated and are in that limbo of not knowing what to do with their degree. More focused events which could be good, so then we could really have some conversations with people who are really interested in x, y or z, and then we could help them with that and guide them. So far we’ve really enjoyed seeing the real variety of people who are here and really enjoying being part of the conversations that are happening.

That’s fabulous. What tips would you give someone who has learnt about EY and wants to join the apprenticeship or another programme?

My top tips would be get in touch with us! We hold lots of events at schools, we hold lots of events on campuses as well. We also have different ways you can get in touch with us – via email or the helpline, there’s a Q&A bit on on website. Get in touch with us if you have any questions. I would also say read everything there is on the website and get to know what we’re about, and just go for it and apply! Obviously you can feel really nervous applying for stuff, and that is scary! Sometimes you think, oh do I submit it Because once it’s out there, it’s out there but try your best and take your time. Take a look online and do practice applications and get support from where you can from school college or a group like this. Give it your best go and if it is a no, don’t be disheartened. Keep going and keep trying!

One word to sum up Northern Power Futures?


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Northern Power Futures photographs taken by Thomas Jackson atĀ TyneSight Photography

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