Sophie Hawley is the Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Vodafone. We had a chat with her at Northern Power Futures Newcastle to find out more about what it’s like to work at Vodafone.

Sophie at Northern Power Futures Newcastle.

Could introduce yourself and what organisation you’re from for our NPF Readers?
I’m Sophie Hawley and I’m the diversity and inclusion manager at Vodafone UK.

What are Vodafone doing at Northern Power Futures?
So we’re here to support Northern Power Futures. We’ve had a partnership with Northern Power Women for a couple of years now. We believe in the believe in the future talent of tomorrow, and we appreciate the discussions of it coming from the North. We’ve got a stand here alongside of our DreamLab stuff here, our app we do in partnership with Vodafone Foundation, and we’ve got a little bit about our future talent programmes. We’ve also taken part in some of the panels and the speed mentoring.

What do Vodafone hope to gain from Northern Power Futures?
I don’t think it’s about what Vodafone necessarily want to gain. What we want to be able to do is challenge people’s perceptions of what Vodafone is as a brand. We are notoriously known as a telecoms brand but we do a lot more than that if you look at the kind of IOT (Internet of Things) stuff we do, our DreamLab app. We just want to challenge our perception in the market and show that Vodafone is a cool place to work.

What are your tips for people attending events like Northern Power Futures, who maybe do think of Vodafone as just telecoms. How would you want people to get involved?
Come and ask questions! Come and speak to us! We’ve brought a friendly lot along with us, so come and have a chat. And food, cream eggs and mini eggs, they always win people over. We’ve got DreamLab here, so come and see whats going on. We’ve got our staff if you talk to us we’ll tell you about what goes on. What we’d really like people to do is follow us @vodafoneuklife so they can see the careers stuff we do, but also the more personal and fun element to Vodafone.

One word to sum up Northern Power Futures?
Thats difficult, I’m a bit of a talker! I think it’s very similar to Vodafone’s slogan: the future is exciting. The future is coming from the North in this kind of element and its a very inspirational thing to be a part of.

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Northern Power Futures photographs taken by Thomas Jackson at TyneSight Photography

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