In Conversation with Mark Scott

Mark Scott is a Recruitment Business Partner at tombola. Mark works closely with the leadership team and senior managers across tombola to provide an amazing end to end recruitment service and ensure our candidates have an awesome experience.

What are you looking forward to at Northern Power Futures?
I’m really looking forward to meeting like-minded people from different industries and talking about my favourite subject, The North East!

You are a panelist on The ageing North and the future of longevity. Do you think the North is prepared for an older population?
My sector is Technology so I am a bit naïve at times on what goes on in the life sciences sector (Although we are world leading when it comes to research). However, what I know is that we have some of the most beautiful coastline in the world, 15 minutes from gorgeous & historic city centres and amazing countryside 10 minutes the other way. That in itself makes me think we have the right foundations in the North east to support longevity. When your surrounded by beautiful scenery and beautiful people, that is a recipe for success!

How are tombola using the advances in technology to aid recruitment and candidate experience?
At Tombola, we have the freedom to experiment with the latest technology and we are eagerly encouraged to explore the unknown. Currently we are working on a project with Sunderland University and another local Sunderland tech firm to change the landscape of tech testing using XR technology. That’s all I can say for now 😉.

Mark will be on the panel for The Ageing North and The Future of Longevity at Northern Power Futures. See the full panel here. Find out more information and register for tickets here

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