Joanne Conway at Northern Power Futures

We caught up with EY Diversity & Inclusiveness Leader, Joanne Conway at Northern Power Futures in Newcastle. Joanne is on the Northern Power Women Future List and is passionate about championing diverse talent within EY.

Please introduce yourself and your organisation to our NPF readers?
My name is Joanne Conway, I’m the diversity and inclusiveness lead at EY.

What do you do in your role at EY?
I set the strategy for diversity and inclusion and really bring that to life working with our leaders and employees. Making sure we create a space of belonging for all our people, and most importantly, making sure we have a diverse workforce as well.

How do events like Northern Power Futures help you with that?
For EY, Northern Power Futures is a really great collaboration because it brings together all of the talent in the North and in a way that people who may not have an opportunity to do so if there wasn’t an event like this. The people that we’ve met, the people that I’ve spoken to personally and the connections I’ve made, I wouldn’t typically have met them if there wasn’t an event like Northern Power Futures. It brings together people from all walks of life which is exactly what we wanted to do, to be able to reach people that we may not do.

What does diversity and inclusion mean to you?
To me diversity and inclusion is about recognising people’s differences, and really celebrating those. Making sure we leverage the differences to get the best from people, so we get the best for each other, for our organisations and really about making sure these voices are head.

One word to sum up Northern Power Futures?

Joanne speaking on the Your Career 2.0 panel on the Practical Stage at Northern Power Futures. 

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Northern Power Futures photographs taken by Thomas Jackson at TyneSight Photography

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