Emma Cain: What Northern Power Futures means to me…

Four years ago I met the force of nature that is Simone Roche MBE, who gave me my first ‘proper’ job in life at the tender age of 20. She gave me an opportunity to learn and grow whilst at the same time undertaking responsibilities to produce high class events, and work with hugely influencing, inspiring and motivational people.

All this was pretty scary at 20. But I was allowed the opportunity, and that isn’t the case for everyone.

After our second event in 2014 that seen CEOs, COOs and entrepreneurs speak and everyone listen, I noticed the room was filled with people over the age of 30, so I asked Simone ‘where is something like this for my age?’. And so sparked the idea to deliver an event that concentrated on the future of the North. The people that are essential to our race and carrying it forward. Responsible for our significance in this world.

At 20 I had many people around me that I was able to gain advice and guidance from, but there are some less fortunate. I dread to think where they go to with dilemmas such as job offerings, glancing over paper work, issues in their work and personal life because without those role models in my life I probably wouldn’t have the skill set I have today.

Northern Power Futures is my way of paying it forward. I’m working on an event that will inevitably impact on every single person in the room.

Northern Power Futures is an event for you. There will be panel debates that will include people that represent your age bracket. This is about amplifying our future’s voices and showcasing the talent we have to offer on our door step.

Northern Power Futures is for your uncle who has always wanted to start his own business but didn’t know where to start – you can learn how to build a website, hear from people that have taken the leap and what to expect and also take away key skills to apply to your journey.

Northern Power Futures is for your friends that don’t know what they’re doing when they finish school or university. Did you know there is alternative education? Learn about it here. Graduates – the transition from education to work is hard. We’re here to help.

Northern Power Futures is for your cousin who has been made redundant and trying to get back into work. If you attend, you will be surrounded by hundreds of potential employers under one roof! Perfect opportunity to get your name out there and meet the people that have the power to give you a job.

Northern Power Futures is for everyone who has the ambition and drive to be successful – no matter what stage you’re at. From unemployed to CEO and everything in between. Everyone can take away something from this event.

I wish it was around when I first started out, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to be informed, influenced and inspired to super charge yourself!

Northern Power Futures
23-24th November
Manchester Central


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